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Hubris is RecruitingOrc Carnac West DCZ!

This is a discussion on Hubris is RecruitingOrc Carnac West DCZ! within the Recruitment and In-game requests forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; mmmk, i've gotten a lot of PM's about the various clans i/almost all of the members of hubris were in ...
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    mmmk, i've gotten a lot of PM's about the various clans i/almost all of the members of hubris were in so heres the entire story, stop buggin me.

    We started out, almost all of us in Hubris in one clan. VaeVictis. it was lead by Marc (he did so many name changes so yeah, we'll just call him Marc)

    so as time goes by, VaeVictis gets G1.
    the original intention was for it to be a 60+ clan, so what happend was that Matt (Twrvilant/Baeddan) made VaeVictus (DCZ)

    eventually they both grew, it was pretty ballin smile.gif

    anyways one day, Marc decided to just disband the main clan w/o passing leadership. thats when troubles kinda started. It had something to do with 2 of our original members wanting to NT/Him wanting to join pariah

    basically, original members start leaving and stuff goes crazy.

    we lose forums, and our vent server (which is why we gotta rely on our lame public one tongue.gif)

    anyways, some peeps tried to remake the main clan, that didn't go so well.

    VaeVictus, however, thrived for a bit, and a lot of us thought it was still the same

    as time passed, however, we realized how wrong we were. it really wasn't the same w/o our old guys, so in a sense, carrying that name itself was bad, it was a title we didn't deserve so to say.

    and at that same time, a bunch of weird drama happend, so we split up

    peeps either went to

    Saints (if u could afford the scrolls)
    Virus (if you couldn't (ohmy.gif surprised? look at the NP chart, isn't it weird that the day VaeVic disbanded u got nearly double NPS smile.gif )
    Honesty (broke up, so those peeps went to virus as well)

    we in saints saw it this way. we were in a sense rob&#39;s guests. he took us in during a time of dispair (ty rob <3)

    so, we stayed there, it was fun, but then rob quit (which is still really sad :*( )
    and then i we got word that neo was planning to quit too.

    so, same deal, we felt it wasn&#39;t right for us to keep that title of saint when the leaders were gone.

    its like if u have a tradition of eating a a guy&#39;s house on tuesdays, and then the guy dies, but u still mooch of the wife and make her cook 4 u.

    terrible analogy.

    anyways, we that came from VaeVic, out of respect, decide to make Hubris. it means excessive pride, something we had for both th3saints, and for vaevic.

    thats what went down.

    Join up.

    thats our backstory.

    now we just need some more GG orcs
    we require vent, good pk skills, and a attitude

    in all honesty, we just would like to have basically some cool people that dont suck at pk
    u&#39;ll find plenty of that already in our clan.

    apply now

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    gooodluck. we need more orcs anyway


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