Independence/Dependence was disbanded; we have 3.5k posts and 50 active clan members in the 2 clans, but we decided to remake because the leader disappered. Its named "Relentless" and our second clan "UnRelenting" We are planning on having both clans in the top 5 for humans.

We would like to have experienced players, if you havn't reached lvl 60 before, thats fine, BUT, You must know how to play! You MUST be ACTIVE.

The website is: or

Simple Rules, Must Obey All or risk being suspended/kicked out of clan.

1. Be active on forum. This means 2 posts per day, 5 posts per day recommended.
2. Be active on vent, even if that means just being on in chat. You can still hear us.
3. No spamming the forums. This means posting absolutely nothing important, like spamming similies, This also includes double+ posts.
4. Respect Clannies and Allies.
5. Respect everyone in game except hackers/cheaters/scammers.
6. NO CHEATING/HACKING/SCAMMING. If your caught doing this it is instant ban from clan and posted on KOL forums.

If you can't obey these rules, then you may not be for this clan.

We are going Human

To Be Recruited in our clan, you need to register on site, obey all rules, post in one of the recuitment threads the right way (look at sticky), and be active so we know who you are.

If you have any questions, ask me, or any of the co leaders on the Relentless Clan Page.