Well It has been six months since the last time that I actually stopped playing ko, had some car issues and had to let my computer go. However now I am looking to come back and share with someone if possible. I am avaliable anywhere from 5-10 hours daily for exp,pk,farming aswell as whatever is needed.

Previous Characters:
lLivingDeadBeatl Down on Ionia
LaughNowCryLater Fatality on Ionia
SaintWooly on Diez
IDontNeedAName on Diez

Bl4nqoo's mage on kronos

I have quite a few vouchers on this forum and would be nice if you could support the topic, I mainly prefer diez, carnac west, and ares. However willing to go to any server and play any class.

What I bring to the table:
Knight Cash aswell as platinum premium on a monthly basis "If Needed"
Can reach a reasonable exp goal daily, 4-5 hours*
Very flexible with online/offline timings, whenever you want on its your account no questions asked.

If interested please add me to msn as [email protected], or just send me a private message here.

Thank you,