Hi all im Mirco... Im 17 years old i am from Switzerland (gmt +1) and play ko for 5 years....

Ima looking to exp / pk someones char! I would prefere Battle / Int Priest or Warrior. But i can also play Mage or Rogue.

I Would prefere:

Server C-west , Akara or Girakon
But i also play on another server
Nice Gear

Char must have:

Premium and Pots
And decent Gear

Why should u pick me as Exper / Pker:

I'll be very active
I know how to pk very well
Im not fast boored
I can do Events + Clan events
I can go to Wars
Im Trustable
I can be a longtermsharer
I have vent + Mic
Ima friendly player
I'll buy vpn (if needed)
Im not just a noob who plays a week and then quit char

[post="http://www.ko4life.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=253816&st=0&p=2244679&#entry22 44679"]Vocuhers:[/post] http://www.ko4life.com/forums/index.php?sh...p;#entry2244679

If u need a sharer and u think im the right one for u hit me up in a pm or add me at msn: [email protected]