Now im just 52lvl Rogue. Allways assassin nerver was archer so thats proof that im not kosper.
Now i need help with some of gear. Thats proof that im not duper.
Im pretty good skilled. I have problems when i burned my md +7/70 tryed +8 in a 1st week of manes.
Btw i was drunk. :wub: So now prices are insane and i cant afford any gear & i wont go exp with sb +7 -_-
I cant farm anything with 52lvl in bowl, i cant farm +9 jewelery couse burning skeletons taked by kospers, my lvl to big to farm blasts, etc...
I can set up ventrilo server if clan dont have it. So i need help with exp & some of gear to start hardcore. :wub:

P.S. Need clan only who playing legit.