Ok, I have solo'd my warrior to 64 since October last year. I am looking for a 100% legit clan - grade is not important - to join. I am an accomplished NP donor.....yeah i sux at pvp....but I excell at farming.

I play from 9pm to 3am central standard USA time zone, and during the weekend, I am always logged it. I am obviously english speaking.

On the front end, I do not loan my gear, nor will I ask to borrow yours. I do not leech, nor appreciate a leecher. I will help u level, do quest, whatever, but dont sit on your ass and go afk. I am not a text chatter while I am fighting mobs, I type REAL slow because I have fat fingers. It has taken me 20 minutes to type this so far. I can get Vent or Team Speak, but dont know jack about them, just never had a reason to use them before.

My warrior AP is 2015 and def is 625 (roughly) - scrolled up AP 2560 - Def 1036 (roughly) - I have maxed out at 255 in Str, and will move into heavier armor in a couple more levels.

I also have the following Chars on Beramus Orc
Archer - 62
Fire/Ice Paper Mage - 61
2X Rezzer - 57
Buffer/Healer - 55
Warrior - 20 ( making Adream char )

Beramus Human
Archer - 46

I am 100% Legit -

I will be posting this again on the other forums...cut-n-paste..cause I aint got another 30 minutes to waste...thank you. IGN - BlackOak