here something about me
Ive been playing ko for several years, 4 or 5 always all my acc 75+ but now i can't play much time coz i m in university and for my job,i'm looking for help, i will with clan valor!
first full plat premiun,maybe 4 or 5 mounth plat.. next gold, i will with sin or priest (np my sin or priest will decent gg items)
-You Speak English or Spanish(whatever) and Have Vent/Mic
-You are able to exp hard.. and good pk
-if u can 5 o 7 hours a dayit's ok (i need first xp and next pk)

so now i think so this is the problem i dont know much ip etc..! but i live in costa rica ,I know no one in costa rica playing ko
if someone lives here or knows how to change ur ip or that sort of thing, i would be grateful if u are interested to know me