I'm a Level 42 Int Priest (El Morad) looking for a decent PvP clan with a Vent server and formal team.

I'm spending my time mining with my Golden Mattock at the moment, running any Monster Stones I find, but once it expires and I've milked it for all I can, I'm going to finish assembling my equipment and start doing Ardream.

Problem is, I'm an absolute scrub at PvP in KO (and I joined this game for the PvE/Social content, NOT the PKing), and I need to find a guild willing to accept a newbie into their ranks and show him/her the ropes to good PvP, so that I can earn NP's and be a benefit to the game.

By the time my mattock expires I'll be at 59. So far my gear is +5 Smite, +7 DoL, +7/12HP Chitin suit, and some old jewels.

Anyone recruiting?