Hi guys,

I posted a request here be4 but noone responded. Now I have some news.
We recently allied with RecognizeThis (nr.1 clan) and WeDoWhatWeWant to be their Ardream clan.

Our clan is for Dcz purpose only, so don't bother asking if you are not intending to stay lvl 59 and go Dcz
We still got some spots free in the clan for new members, so be fast.
Currently we are G3, have Golden Capes, and an icon

The requirements are:

- You must be Human
- You must speak english (don't need to speak it perfectly, we're from holland to, so )
- You must be lvl 57-59 (we are Dcz clan)
- You must have decent gear ( else u suck at PK)

We are fastly gaining NP and with more members we can eventually reach Grade I
Our Clanmembers so far are very polite and the mood in clanchat is always good

If you are interested post something about yourself below like: class, lvl, gear etc etc...

Any more questions can be asked here, or you can PM me on IGN: Ironaide (Assist) mostly on M1 or M3

So, do you have what it takes to become one of us?

Then join, the legendary m00w! :lol: