Dear all,
i would love to invite you to join our clan TheCompany. We are looking for english speaking people 59+. Lower lvls can join the sub clan or main clan if good national points present. Arndream and Ronark veterans are preferred. Our clan has a wide member base (lvls 59 - 75), but our ambitions are higher. (we are already in top 100 clans) All recent clanies are friendly pepole and try to help eachother. Our clan motto is : dont worry to ask for help, but be ready to help too.

Clan name: TheCompany
Server: Pathos
Side: Orcs - Karus
Grade: 2
Top 100 position: 87 today
Capes: nice red once grade1
Clan and aliiance chat language: english only

If you are interested in joining TheCompany please let us know.
The contacts are:
clan leader and assists - in game PM:
Aceradomago, VelkytrvdymarvinCZ, ConfusionCZ
283641480 - Velkytvrdymarvincz
223626000 - Aceradomago
Or you can simply reply this advertisement.

I am looking forward to your replies.
best regards,