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Reinforcers (Ares Human Clan)

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    Hello Elmoradians,

    I have recreated Reinforcers and decided to repopulate what was once a great clan.

    Some of you who have been playing for more than a year may have seen the clan.

    To the newer players, to give you a little information, it was a clan that was created in 2005 by me and it was disbanded in early 2007 because I didn't have enough time to run a clan as I was exploring new games to keep me entertained.

    But, like a forum is named : "Ko4Life"

    So, here's a little info on how thing are going to run.

    I have no level requirements what so ever at the moment, neither do national points.

    What I consider requirements for the clan is that

    1.That you speak english fluently. I don't really mind if you speak Turkish, Chinesse, Spanish, French, Latin or any other language. But I consider english an international language that should be known by all in the clan and it is the language of the game.

    2.You play during these hours : 1pm PST to 10pm PST (You do the conversion to your time zone). This will make that we will have a lot of members online at the same times which will make it easier to create good parties.

    3.That you fully respect both game and clan rules (clan rules will be on clan website). It is important tht you know the rules as I had to deal with these situation in the past. This is not an advice, you break a game rule, your reported and banned from clan. You break clan rules, I have established a grid like the Knight Online policies that, depending on the infraction, you will get the appropriate warning or ban.

    4.That you have some initiative. I will not always be there to start parties for lvling, pvp or farming. You must know how to do such to improve your character. And at sometimes, there will not be enough room to make only 1 clan party since it is restricted to 8 players. You will need the initiative to build up another party with the remaining members so that we can all improve at the same time.

    5.Attend clan meetings when there will be some. Meetings are important because it lets you know what's happening with members and certain events that could go on with the clan.

    6.That you update regurlary your national point on our forums. This will help me keep track of our rankings. I find it fun, as a lot of players, when we know how many national points are needed to attain the next grade or to reach the next rank in the top 100.

    We are at the moment grade 2 without capes. If you really want capes, I can make arrangements for it but I find it unimportant at the moment as it gives no bonus at all.

    In due time, some other high leveled friends will join that will bring their own touch of experience to the clan.

    Thank you for your time and hope that for our future members, that we can have a lot of fun in the near future.

    You wan join? PM Manilas IGM or give me a PM here.


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    Yup, like Headak copied my post from official forums,

    I decided to restart my clan and continue its growth.

    I started back with only 2; me and an ex-reinforcers; and now were already over 10, most of us members from the old clan before I disbanded it.

    So, wether your level 1 or level 80, as long as you follow these guide line posted above, you are welcome anytime to join us.


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