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    Ok, so a few of us started playing again after takin a 6th month+ break.

    Few facts about the clan b4 we disbanded:

    We made it to 13th in ranking b4 we all quit.

    We took isiloon frequently on server restarts.

    We xp'd, pk'd alot.

    We took the majority of eslant bosses on all servers and a few CZ bosses on server restart,

    We done ALOT of boss hunting,

    We were all legit, no koxp, xp buggers, macroers etc etc,

    We had fun, had a laugh and enjoyed the game.

    Current clan infomation:

    Currently were only small with 13 members only about 5 of which are active atm.

    5 of us have been using Teamspeak for about a year and a half, no arguments,no fall outs, overall a family friendsly Teamspeak

    Im currently only lvl 60 as i started a new character and about to baba shop it

    We have a few 72+ actives,

    We plan on doing XP, PK partys,

    We have 3 active, friendly assistants, feel free to ask them any questions, or to help out with any problems you are having witht he clan, a clannie.

    Weve done the 1st cape quest, planing on gettin the 2nd one done soon,

    We are currently 66th on ranking,

    We WILL be as good as we were .

    We have a clan forum from when we 1st formed: ,Registration required

    Were looking for:
    65+ of any class,
    Good english speakers,
    Teamspeak ISNT a must but it would be nice to hear who were playing with, entirely up to you.

    So if you have any question or if you'd like to join us then feel free to pm me on rankings or ingame @ PriestMcbryde

    Or you can pm an assistant on rankings or ingame:
    Forum name: UnhappyNoobler, IGN: HappyPainter
    Forum name: eamike, IGN: Phenix
    Forum name: Showtime IGN: GaryH

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    server? ._.


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