Alright well I know the clan name is odd. My friends and I were on the phone thinking and one of us was doing Math with variables and blah blah xyz. The name doesn't matter though. I kinda just made it and only have friends so far so we need more players. There are some requirements and rules you need to know before you join though.


* Must be level 25+, if not pay a fee of 5k.
* Always play on Olympia 3
* Speak English well.
* Must be human - El Morad

When you are in the clan there are also some rules you need to follow. If you don't you have a chance of being kicked from the clan.


* When you are partied and a CLAN member kills a monster with a drop other than money and non-tradable items, if the player asks for it back because you acidently got it instead of him for some strange reasons with the way partying works by spliting up everything, politely trade the item back or you'll be reported by the player and possibly get kicked out of the clan.
* If you are a Mage and a party member is in trouble and may die, teleport them to you especially if they ask.
* If you repeatedly teleport a party member for no reason you will be kicked from the clan.
* If a clan member asks for you to help them in a quest whether it's a collecting item quest or killing quest, please help them if you have the time.
* No unnecessary cursing especially to Co-Leaders of the clan.
* You must help a clan member if they are in trouble and have low health.
* If you are a Priest and there is a player who lost health you must heal them even if they only lost like 20 HP. If you don't have enough MP it is okay to wait until it comes back and heal them when they have less HP.
* When a clan member asks you to use a skill such as increasing speed of a player or any other Passive skill, please use the skill.

We are recruiting ALL classes. We really need a bunch of Priests as we have none so far. To join you do need to fill out this form. You are most likely going to be accepted. After you have filled out the form and wait to be recruited, you MUST play on Olympia 3 from then on. I will always be on Olympia 3 and if you don't go on it you won't be accepted because I can't invite you in. Please really consider joining, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun! Here is the form you will need to fill out:

Character Name:
Current Level:
About How Many Hours Played Daily:
National Points:

Here is an example:

Character Name: TheWizzy
Current Level: 30
Class: Lightning Mage
About How Many Hours Played Daily: 1~2
National Points: 0 (Not required to join the clan but would be greatly appreciated)

Hope you join it'll be a great clan! If you have any questions feel free to reply and ask!