We are currently looking for serious players to play with on logos. There isn't so many english people left on logos , that's why we will try to make atlest one on the human side. Most of the players are from Poland. Some are quite low levels , but we do belive then in time , they might reach high ones. We don't know for now if we keep only PL , or go international. But i'm gonna update topic in few days again.

What we do require from people who want to join?

About level : WE will take even 50+ , but you need to be active to altest aim the 60-65.

About NP's : Duo to fact then most of members losed np's cause of donating in old clans , we are currently not interested in donating any nps to the clanbank.

About activity : We don't require much. Play as much you just can. Every man count in the clan , cause it's more possible to do exp for peole who really need it.

We have also made forum. Right now few people are aiming for TeamSpeak serwer to improve our game.

If you are interested in more details , send me a msg on my MSN , or contact in game with :

LickMySpear , Fluppy.