The user PsychoPath has been banned.
His IP matched, a few times, the IPs of the following users: Axxxb, Slimy91 and SlimRabbit.
Axxxb has been banned by mee because he is SlimRabbit.
SlimRabbit has been banned by Souls, apparently he is a scammer according to a few posts.
Slimy91 slipped through, banned him now.

Now you could say that's just a coincidence. So I took a look at the E-mails registered and msns used.

[email protected] // PsychoPath
[email protected] // PsychoPath ( in his sig and profile )
[email protected] // Axxxb
[email protected] // SlimRabbit
[email protected] // Slimy91

You can clearly tell they are somewhat similar..

Now a quick lookup on google brough me here -> ( MaxKO Forum • View topic - S>my diez account with items for maxko items )
The E-mail [email protected] was used by a user called SlimRabbit on a private server.

If you have anythin to add, please shoot me a pm.