selling the char with items only. or all items without char.
its lvl 80 98.50% atm, delvled. 25days valkyre/pathos gloves left with 540hours plat prem. 570+ knight cash.
in game name: R3tAiL, bought the char about 2 months ago.
clan: melee clan of spartans300mage, spartans300army (previously called goldenarmy)
no personal items, no exp quests left.

duel shard +8(no reb)
chitin set for rogue +8 (few parts +5reb)

howling rooster +1 (+0)
priest pendant +1
skeleton belt +0
duel legionary band +0

the char comes without gamersfirst login info, since that info got lost at the first owner, i can get that cofirmed if you want to.
besides that i have 1 secret question, secret answer, seal code and an e-mail adress wich is in use for the ko acount only (so you can have that).

i want around 45gbs for it, if you want to offer usd, vists the akara market place you will find this topic there

if i forgt any info or you got a question, feel free to ask^^