Hey, I probably want to move to C-West, so I'll just post the items that I have here on Cypher, and you guys can offer your items/gbs from C-West. (I do not need a char, Items/gb only.)

Raptor +11
Chitin Bow +9
Warrior FP DD25
Rogue Half-Plate DD25
Warrior FP +9/STR Set
Warrior FP +9/HP 3x (Boot/Gaunt/Pauldron)
Warrior Half-Plate +9/HP (Pads)
Warrior Paper Cap +9/HP
Rogue Chitin +8 Set
Dual Diamond Ring +3
Dual +16 Str Earrings
Iron Necklace
Iron Belt
White Dragon Necklace +3
Sash of Sorrows +3
Dread Shield +7
Scorpian Shield +7
Kekuri Ring +3
Dex +16 Ring
Warrior Chitin +7/20 Club Pauldron
Warrior Chitin +7/17 Axe Pads
Warrior Chitin +7/15 Spear Boots
Rogue Chitin +7/20 Club Pauldron
Valk Set (Not used)
Disc Prem (Not used)
Dual pathos (Not used)

And also about 10ish gbs + other random stuff (Dual old sse, Dual old silver earring, Dual old eme, Tota +7 etc etc..)


Warrior 69/59/Blank
Rogue: 69/59/ and 60+ Mage

Warrior 69/59/Blank
Rogue: 69/59/Blank

Just leave me an offer here or through a PM.