Hi all~!

I am selling my account with Olympia Rogue Lvl 82, 91%

List of items in account:
Iron bow +1/70 Reverse
Kekuri Belt
Dual Kekuri Ring +1
3 Part Chitin +5/15 Reverse Helm Boots Gaunts
2 Part Shell +5/15 Reverse Pauldron and Pads
Dual Old EME's

About 6000 MP Potions, Has alot of materials saved in INN Hostess.

Has platinum premium 550 hours or around that.

Looking to trade for warrior gear / items / gbs on Cwest.

B/O: 125-150$ Paypal GG TRUSTIES ONLY! or 40-50 GBS on CWest.

PM me for my msn if you wanna get a deal set fair and square. I'll even use a middleman from the forums. Thanks for reading, and Good luck bidding.