hey guys

i just recovered my old acc pw, and it seems i have some shits that can be usefull so ,,,
i'm looking for items/gbs on C.West from the same value of what i offer here
i won't take shitty offers, if noone is interested i'll sell everything in moradon for gb then play anvil abit with what i'll get

here is what i have to give :

jewels are +9/+8/+7 str
there is a plate bp set including plate+8/str boots & gauntlet, goblin pauldron & pads
the rogue talia are : arrow, dagger, flame, glacier & sword (dagger has 2k durability)
assassin dagger+4 mp recovery
weight hammer+7 mp recovery
shields def arrow and spear

i became to play on C.West two months ago and i'm abit poor at this serv
i'll take everything from same value and easy to resell on C.West

if u are afraid of interserver trading i think i can still find some ppl here able to vouch for me

waiting for ur pm :P