Well, other than this section, I can't find any section that would fit this.
So basically I got lucky and got an HB, and I don't really play, so I sold it and in total I have right now 800m.

S> This 800m, for a decently cheap price.

Offers are being accepted (money is insanely hard to farm there solo...so yeah. Don't think its $5/gb lawl)

You go first or we use an MM.
If you want proof, here:

The reason I said 800m is because I can NPC those TS scrolls for 90m right away.
But I'm trying to sell em for 300m in merchant instead.

So guarenteed 800m is what I have, but I might have 10gbs.

Offer away!

P.S: Willing to show ingame for those who might bullshit this is a japanese p-server (do they event exist...)