Hello im seeling or trading my rogue which is 75 lvl , skilled as ARCHER Skills are not open , but have good amount of np and nice symbol , not bad clan aswell . So I would like to get Something in EUROPA , or just seeling for usd via PAYPAL. For trading we can use moderator , or just trust each other Waiting for PM , or contact me [email protected]

Equip :
70 LVL Quest Shells
IRON BOW+7(rebirth +1)
Quest accsuares in Innhostes.
All are olds :
Dual ROL
Warrior Pendant
Dual EME
Jamadar Belt ( Using 70 lvl Quest belt with all 5 defences )

Dunno what can say more , please give me questions.

Some items in Innhostes:
Well dont remember , had like totamic spears impacts , deep scars some shells ,hanguk .
And like little better item is DOL which can be sold for some of coins , some pots , Unused fishing pole .

Cya There ( Would be better to seel that char and leave ko again , exams waiting for me ) .. Ohh and im not Interested in ROGUE ( Sorry got bored of that style of class) Interested priest , mage or warrior) Feel free to pm , or offer I`m such as nice person