As per my topic, I want to trade charac & items from Ares to Beramus.


Lvl 80 warrior (700k NPs ++)
Iron Neck +0
WE +0
PE +1
Skelly belt +0
dual roc +0
ROF +0
Some crap uniques (I.E. Belt of Str, Belt of Life, Ice Belt & etc)
Warrior Shell set +8
Warrior FP Dagger Def Helm +6 (25 Dagger Def)
Warrior FP Spear Def Armors (Helm, Pauldron, Pads)
Warrior FP set +8
Raptor +8
Totemic Spear +8
Gigx Axe (One Hand) +8
Defender of the Lord +8
15 GBs

PM me if you are interested.

Thank You!!