Version 1299 - will be in MYKO mode.
Exp is at Medium level. The level limit is 72. As the 1st stage, the 1st stage will be progressed as a 72 level cap.
65 cap will last 1 week.
Start items
Silan Armor is the set
Beginner Jewelry Set
15er with 500 HP 150 AC 30 Swift Scroll
Silver coin and +5 low class Traveler.
The Master Duty will be open from the first day.
High Class item upgrade limit will remain at the specified time.

Master Quest Requirements
62 Scroll Quest Requirements
70 Skill Quest Requirements


1- Glitch blocked

2- Middle / Low / High class upgrade system

3- Blood of Revenge

4- Calendar of events within the game

5- Death Match Event

6-Collection Race Event
Reward KC, PUS items, Fragment, Gem, Chest.

7-Kill Gift Event

8- Ardream Event

9- Border Defense War Event
Rewards Green Tresature Chest and Fragment of Arrogance..

10-Juraid Mounthain
Kill Deva Reward 2x Silver gem 2x Red Gem

11-Lastman Standing Event

12- Hera Scroll ve Goku Scroll
Hera Scroll and Goku Scrolls %100 original . Hera Scroll +3 NP
Hoku Scroll +5 NP 30 min.

13- Drop List
Drop List Check Website.

14 Item Lock System (for Security)

15-70 Quest Personel Weapon
Option 1:
[Quest]Uruk Hai, [Quest]Stone Golem, [Quest] Apostle, [Quest] Troll

Option 2

16-Blood of Revenge Quests

[Bronze] PK Item = 3500 Blood of Revenge
[Silver] PK Item = 7000 Blood of Revenge
[Gold] PK Item = [Bronze] PK Item + [Silver] PK Item

750 Blood of Revenge 1x TRINA

17-Premium Properties

18-Upgrade Rates

See website for more