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The Rising Knights = RKO (180 User Online )-Offical Online

This is a discussion on The Rising Knights = RKO (180 User Online )-Offical Online within the Private Servers forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Bumpp for this ?:>...
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    Bumpp for this ?:>

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    Pretty nice server with some nice events like juraid wich works like usko (except levers u dont need keys and losers team dont gett nothinc) with silver gem reward for winners,BDW with blue chest as reward,chaos and hope event wich soon will be fully working,bifrost with many people out there do farm and pretty decent pk :P
    Took me about do 5h do gett dual foverins and shell sett +8 becuse i like do lick the anvil much,heard others dont have shell sett even do after 1 week,anyway its easy do farm shells and hight class weapons and everythinq is about luck :P Oh and classes are pretty ballanced soo farr,me as warrior never hit more them 700-800 on anyone except priests 400-600 and duffed 1100-1300 on anyone except priests 700-1000 :P
    Right now from what i seen most of people still farm anyway there is nice pk most of the times,last time there been like 30 vs 30

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