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    Hi, dear players. We will tell about our team and company briefly.
    Our company, Juegueme co., is a Spanish company, and is established to provide a great amount of game services in the pvp world.
    Our team has a potential to give support in 4 different languages.
    Our employees are from three different countries. Our managers, who are very proficient in English, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese,
    have been working to make our server played world-wide.
    Within the scope of quality service and shopping, we have agreements with Nforce Gaming, HyperFiter, One Solution, Good Game and Oyunfor.

    The main feature of our game is that it is designed as a system focusing on battling. [ v1951 ]

    You can see the other detailed information in the following parts of the introduction section.

    13.03.2016 20:00 GMT+2
    20:00 horas GMT +2 (Turkey)
    12:00 horas (Miami, EEUU)
    11:00 horas (Peru)

    Knight Online Version 1951 joy!
    Plenty of events and battles full of fun with the features of the version.
    A magnificent battle-oriented databased
    A ranking system where you can easily level-up.
    7/24 Online game master support
    Secure and quality server infrastructure
    PUS products for donation with reasonable prices.
    Improved protection system for cheats and various illegal situations.
    A web site that has informing and account settings features.
    Start up with level 69 and fully equipped
    A forum site where you can contact with other players to share information
    Quality contracted companies for trustworthy shopping
    Plenty of valuable awards and gifts
    Technical support in 4 languages and a broad range of gamers
    And Ronark Land is at your service with its various breathtaking features.

    WARRİOR ( 80 level )

    Chitin Shell Helmet(+7) - Chitin Shell Pauldron(+7) - Chitin Shell Pads(+7) - Chitin Shell Gauntlets(+7) Chitin Shell Boots(+7) - Old Warrior's Earring - Old Warrior's Earring - Old Warrior Pendant Raptor(+7) - Old Strength Belt - Ring of Courage - Ring of Courage - Deep Scar(+7) Totamic Spear(+7) - Scream Scroll

    ROGUE ( 80 Level )

    Rogue Chitin Shell Helmet(+7) - Rogue Chitin Shell Pauldron(+7) - Rogue Chitin Shell Pads(+7)
    Rogue Chitin Shell Gauntlets(+7) - Rogue Chitin Shell Boots(+7) - Old Rogue's Earring
    Old Rogue's Earring - Old Priest Pendant - Mirage Dagger(+7) - Mirage Dagger(+7)
    Old Elf Belt - Ring of Life - Ring of Life - Iron Bow(+7) - Magic Shield Scroll

    MAGİCİAN ( 80 Level )

    Complete Helmet(+7) - Complete Glove(+7) - Complete Boots(+7) - Complete Robe(+7) Complete Pants(+7) - Old Mage Earring - Old Mage Earring - Old Elemental Pendant Elixir Staff(+7) - Belt of Life - Ring of Magic - Ring of Magic - Old Shio Tears Old Shio Tears - Old Flame Ring - Old Flame Ring - Old Imir Ring Old Imir Ring - Absolute Power Scroll - Spell of impact - Spell of thorn
    Spell of Fire Blast - Spell of Glacier Blast - Spell of Thunder Blast

    PRİEST ( 80 Level )

    Old Priest's Earring - Priest Chitin Shell Helmet(+7) - Priest Chitin Shell Gauntlets(+7) Priest Chitin Shell Pauldron(+7) - Priest Chitin Shell Pads(+7) - Priest Chitin Shell Boots(+7) Iron Impact(+7) - Priest Impact(+7) - Defender of the Lord(+7) - Old Priest's Earring Amulet of Health - Ring of Life - Ring of Life - Judgment Scroll

    You can provide Krowaz weapon materials from the monsters in the Ronark Land.
    You can also provide some materials from the fossils in the Ronark Land.

    Training Knight

    Grade National Point AVANTAJ
    5 0-74.000 Non Adventage
    4 74.000-144.000 Deserve join CSW
    3 144.000-360.000 Deserve Clan Cape
    2 360.000-760.000 Deserve Cape Symbol
    1 760.000-1.080.000 1.Grade
    1 1.080.000- İsiloon Mission

    Accredited Knight

    Grade Bağışlanacak National Point
    After İsiloon Mission
    4 180.000
    3 360.000
    2 540.000
    1 720.000
    1 720.000- Deserve Felankor Mission

    Royal Knight

    Grade Donate National Point
    Felankor Mission
    4 1.080.000
    3 1.260.000
    2 1.440.000
    1 1.620.000
    1 1.620.000- Royal G1

    You can found other information on forum website .

    20:00 horas GMT +2 (Turkey)

    12:00 horas (Miami, EEUU)
    11:00 horas (Peru)

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    any thoughts?

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    It will be played in a lot of countries . Keep Follow Facebook Page

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    Last One Day !

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