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BETA Test - Request list

This is a discussion on BETA Test - Request list within the KO4life Private Server Area forums, part of the Private Servers category; i wanna get in! Reason: Miss good players, miss old ko, when you didn't need to get cash to play, ...
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    i wanna get in!
    Reason: Miss good players, miss old ko, when you didn't need to get cash to play, when skill was the thing that mattered Was unique when i could be in a four man party and own a whole rush in cz! Great times!


    Myko: played only as a noob there, got to lvl 42 (GG!)
    USKO: Beramus, kinda since the beginning, the first good clan i played with (and been playing with in every good private server we find) was Respect. I believe everyone that played the first couple of years of beramus would remember that clan. I made a mage untill 62 (too lazy to xp), then got another mage from a friend of mine that was lvl 66, had fkn crazy gear then got hacked This was before the lvl 80 gap came up. Then i played a few other servers but only the first months, like olympia, or edana i believe. Sold both characters i made there. (All of em been mages).

    Private servers: IceTeaKO, HotChocolateKO, TitanKO, LostSoulz, SnoxdKO (been testing their server lately), and a couple more that i really dont remember tbh but i've played 2-3 more at least. I was GM_Juako from titanko and from one more of them (never got really good to remember the name of the private servers :P)

    I'd like to be a mage, have a lot of experience using it

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    I would also like the opportunity to participate in testing the server because I believe the people behind this server will make it the best.

    KO history -

    Ares - Shared a rogue called RobinHood with my brother near the start of Ares.
    Logos - Played a warrior in TheReapers clan.
    CWest - Played a rogue in Vicarious/AFK clans.

    I didn't bother mentioning servers I didn't play over a month. Some achievements are borded dragon on logos and c-west, king third month of cwest. I have played other private servers and know what works and what doesn't and what bugs to look out for. If selected I would ideally like to play rogue.

    thnx =]

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    Im w8ing for PM

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    KO history:
    Mage 56 lvl nick Karakal

    Ares: Asasin 61 lvl nick _Lecter_, Priest 62 lvl nick _orcalwaysdoAltfF4_ Clan Inferno

    Cypher: Priest 62 lvl nick Lecter clan Owned

    Olimpia: Warrior 62 lvl Clan Ethernal

    Edana: Asasin 62 lvl nick FreshMeat, Warrior 70 lvl nick Obuch,75 lvl priest nick DriedShadow clan DarkForces - BloodLine

    Girakon: Warrior 80 lvl nick BloodyCurse clan Bloodline,
    Now 83 lvl another warrior.

    I left servers always when dupe start or most of players used koxp. Playing only knightonline.


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    The server will hold. The spec is more than enouugh. The lucky people have been messaged by me last night.

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