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I'll throw my 2 cents in because the amount of opinions from noobs in this topic makes my blood boil.

1) luring on people doing bosses(like on the healer on talos or w/e)
People who say that this is a part of the game can go fuck themselves. If you hit a mob in eslant, your intention is to kill it. End of story.

2) ksing
KSing on bosses is alright. You have those people who can tank a boss but can't kill it. KSing on xp spots because you want to get into the party or you want to steal the XP spot is NOT alright, and should result in at least a DC or temp ban.

3) scamming ingame(such as players quitting clans not giving back items or whatever that sort of thing or ninja looting)
If the item just dropped, and a member picked it up from the mob, then quit clan so as to keep the item, then they should not be allowed to keep the item.
If the item dropped and was awarded to them, then they quit the clan because of some B.S. or drama issue, then the clan should not expect to get that item back.

4) calling other ally from other nation to help raid a cz exp spot that you want
I LOVE doing this. If this were bannable, i'd be banned even in moradon at level 10 (not really)

5) trade-spamming/party spamming/other annoying shit
Tradespamming and partyspamming are deliberate attempts to fuck someone up (or steal the item from the party spammer in the case of that glitch) just as luring is, and should therefor be bannable offenses. Yes, you should put the block up for those, no it is not your fault if it happens.
+1... agree with everything