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Help Deciding Diffrent Warrior Build

This is a discussion on Help Deciding Diffrent Warrior Build within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Alrite, So I'm a human small warrior. And as you all know it's short on Str to wear a Raptor ...
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    Default Help Deciding Diffrent Warrior Build

    Alrite, So I'm a human small warrior. And as you all know it's short on Str to wear a Raptor +8 at lvl 59. So i wanted to hear opinion's from you guys to see what would be best for my Ardream Warrior.


    Full Fp +8 Set/ Raptor +8 228 str req
    Full Chitin +8/ Raptor +4 Rb 224 str req

    Or if anyone has any other great build let me know. And as for Jewleery I also need a lil help.

    2x Rocs +0
    Wp +0
    Skele +0

    I have no idea what earings to buy. . . I was thinking of 2xWe's +0. But then again I have no idea. . . Can anyone help a brother out?

    I'd appreciate it!! OHH and btw if it helps I'm on ARES!!

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    wll you might consider going FP+9 with a rappy+8 however if there aint aloot of +9 items in your server id go for the chitin+8 build - as for the earrings you should try a WE+0/1 OE+1/2 and upgrade that WP+1 atleast your belt is cool rings are awesome but i believe Fov are better for ARdream for the extra 20 AC !!

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    Anyone else got any other suggestions?

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    if u got more cash go for chitins+8 rap+4 make wp+1 buy we+1 and pe+1 or second we+1 (if pe is too expensive for u)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbarrier View Post
    Anyone else got any other suggestions?
    228 str, 86 hp => Rappy+8, 3x chitin+8 and 2x fp+9 (I think)

    In terms of earrings...I personally would get WE1 and get the resists from WE and the decent bonuses of PE...but dual WE1 would work as well..then go for WP+1+2 and Iron belt and you'd be fine...or change roc0s for fov+1s

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    i would go fp9 only if i had rappy9, otherwise chitin8 ftw

    rappy+4rb is good, exceptional rappy+4rb has 1ap less then rappy8, and if you could get your hands on glave9 (which is not too expensive tbh) that would pwn with chitins8

    earrings avoid PE in ardream (too low lvl to get the juice from health bonus it has, even opal earring is better choice in dcz imo)

    if you have rocs go for we0, if you get fovs then go for 16str earrings (fov+1 should be like roc0, so aim for these)

    belt is fine, neck is fine (for now)


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