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I think your exaggerating the nebiros dual wield. I've tried a Nebiros +8 and a Impact +9. Was it good? No, not particularly. The difference in damage with the dual wield, was drastic. I would switch to my raptor +9, and hit 600-650 on priests. When i changed to Neb Imp, i would hit 400-450. I really didn't see what was so great about the dual wields.
Well i think you have to recognize there is a difference between the damage you see on your screen, and the damage they actually take, i'm quite sure your aware of that from arena. The second point i'd like to make is your comparing very different weild statistics. A nebrios+8/impact+9 is only going to be 192/180, and a raptor+9 is 205/90. a difference of only 90 elemental would in no way compare to 13 AP on a weapon. To even compare them would be pointless. The difference between his choices are a dual that is about 178/180 to an avedon that is 184/90, now that is a difference of only 6 AP to 90 elemental. This would be a hell of a lot closer in cz than comparing the 2 examples you present.