wp+ib>iron set, bec i reckon has nice resis nd def plus real nice dex addin to ur ac, nd considerin its +3 wp the overall balance or gain of abilities is much more thn an in, bt 4 later stages like 70+ or cz in becomes more useful bt bec u hav wp+3 u wuld wnt to get at least in+2 b4 considerin to trade ur wp+3.
chd/shard. i prefer always usin shards, dv's r gd bec of its lightin damage bt from experience i think the extra bonus added onto the chd is gd 4 ardream rogues, unlike the dv even though it has lightin damage nd thts gd against pk, the minus in hp nd mana is a little bit bad bec u alrdy hav low hp bec lvl 59 character, so dv/shard wuld be gd durin cz or rlb bec the minus on the dv hardly effects you its like less thn 3% of ur health (correct me if im wrong) well also depends on ur unqiues.
eme>re well i wuld go dual, dependin on wat server ur on if there r more mages nd u lackin in resis re obviously, eme is better bec of its defence nd also both dex nd hp bonuses, which u shuld use eme whn in cz over re. bt in ardream the health and mana + is real useful, bt kinda also depends on which ur lackin resis or defence, bt i wuld use re's in ardream bec cheaper, bt duals wuld b great.
well rol+1>rol+0........
bt yeh overall you wnt to c wat you can offered nd well dependin on which server you r, from the above replies im pretty sure thy r mentionin abt c-west prices, nd if ur gnna buy u.s.d nd nt gbs the price of gbs r around $4 to maximum $4.5. =]