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poor lvl 60 mage equips

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    Default poor lvl 60 mage equips

    i am a lvl 60 mage and i have 9gb to work. i am glacier and play carnac west, i am glacier and i am 160 intel and rest of my points into mp. idk what i should get and so any help is appreciated. also advice on how i should make more money( monsters to farm/ quests to spam) is very helpful, i am thinking i will get my guild to go farm fossils for a few hours or somthing.

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    garp +7
    dual shio
    kekuri belt
    and if you've got something left, buy dual LKP/WSE

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    well wat u most likely wanna do is just lvl so i suggest going complete fire.
    unless u really wanna be ice

    i dunno wat u can get for 9 gb

    but low price uniques that would help u are (mostly for high hp since u would be complete build)

    elemental pendant (cwest average price is 345m)

    kek belt ( should be like 50 mill) or (quest belt)

    earrings are mosr expensive... if u cant get bronze or wse cuz of price ( i dunno curent price) then i would go with mage quest earrings (cuz the are free and u can save money for better later) or maybe +9 hp if its REAL cheap

    rings if ur ice im sure u can get one shio tear and one mano ring... or better yet dual shio.

    all of this is prolly less than 9 gbs.

    armor its ur choice if u wanna go complete, crimson or paper. i STRONGLY suggest not to go paper unless its for pure exp, or unless ur really good at towning and dropping novas and or kiting monster/not gettng hit by monsters in exp

    i would focus on lvling first until lvl 69

    by lvl 69 u should have an idea wat type mage u are. damage wise or stunner or just support slower.
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    always start out with ep it is best for mage, then work into dual shios for nice slow rate and the ac, get elixir7 b/c its so cheap then work with any leftover moeny to buy and sell for eventually skelly or LKP


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