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RLB BP gear

This is a discussion on RLB BP gear within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Originally Posted by skull009 Rlb BP my opinion and played was nice 57 Torment 60 Heal HB+7 Fp Set+8 HP ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by skull009 View Post
    Rlb BP my opinion and played was nice
    57 Torment 60 Heal
    Fp Set+8 HP
    Dual foc+1
    Try get a wp+1
    iron belt
    dual lilimes +1
    dual foc+1? did you compound roc and fov?

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    Think he means fov+1 and roc +1

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    xD sry mixed it wrongly:P but foc :O

    nah was saying dual fov+1 or dual old ^^

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    your budget is a bit low, but its decent enough that you can work with it, especially if you got good team members for pk.

    hb7 your best bet, II8 may hit higher in most situations expecially on duffed/low ac people. however hb7 will hit nearly as much on average and the INT bonus is so important for you, in many scenarios that little bit of extra int will be your savior or your party members savior.

    ds7 is a must, be sure to practice between switching from hb7/ds7 and get it down as quick as possible, this is very important to be able to do, especially when facing alot of duffers/sins.

    fp8 build and paper9 build both have their ups and downs..ones a bit more tank and one will give you more ap. if you go fp9 you need to put enough int for chit dd helm +6/7 which is about 4-5gb. if you go paper a dd helm 7 will cost you 30-35gb, not sure on a +6 maybe 10-15gb.

    fovs +1 will give you much more ac compared to roc0 and the balanced resist are especially helpful. they give almost same amount of hp/str.

    iron ive said many times 50 ac is very very hard to give up, however the 10 int from gb is tempting. but overall you will be lvl 69 so your int as a paper should still be around 3kish maybe even higher...and if you got fp itll be well over 5k. the IB will be the best option, the 20 extra ac helps alot.

    dual lilime+1/2 are an awesome choice for earings, wish i could use them in ardream XD.

    wp1 is your best bet for your budget however...the IN will be the next item your going to want to work on, perhaps use any extra money you have to buy resell your way up to it.

    because i have to go to work now, i dont have time to add up item prices, i can do that later for you

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    a question set fp+9 str,iron set,lilimes+2,fov+2,ii+8/+9 work?

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