Warrior chitin shell gauntlets+6/10str - 775m

Green treasure chest - 220m

Elixer+6/glacier - 175m

51 talismans of destruction - 350k each

39 talismans of talia - 350k each

2x destroyer+6/60 - 25m each

blade+6/60 - 25m

3xglave+1 - 10m each

mirage dagger+1 - 19m

priest chitin gauntles+1 - 5m

Priest chitin pads+1 - 5m

Rogue chitin boots+1 - 15m

__________________________________________________ __

I am in a1 afk next to the right innhostess in merchant with most of the above items. If you don't like my prices you can send me a pm and we'll work it out in the morning (bout 11:30am GMT).

You can also post here if you are interested in making a purchase.

I am also willing to trade all of the above for a raptor+7/70.