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Border War Strategy ... in case you missed the memo

This is a discussion on Border War Strategy ... in case you missed the memo within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; lol sometimes you didnt even get a priest to the party -.-...
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    lol sometimes you didnt even get a priest to the party -.-

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    /begin impression of someone who has no grasp of sarcasm

    WhaT A h0rr1bLe sTr4tegy....l0l the t0p1C St4rtEr is a n00b!!!!!111!!!!111

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    Priests: Only duff after they start hitting you...and your melee are all dead.

    Mages: Use all your fire skills first, then use ice to run away.

    Warriors: Me attack other big warriors, it be too smart to hit priests and mages.

    Sins: Wait for it... wait for it... REDBALL! Now you can start attacking.

    Archers: ...

    And the Golden Rule... everybody must attack a different person.

    Guys come on! This isn&#39;t fukkin Musical Chairs!

    I got in the same party as you !
    Fucking noobs who went afk or none duff priest or heal that was so sad !

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    o ye, a good strategy for when your losing BADLY, as in the enemy is camping you.

    This happened just this morning when 3 of our members dced and Karus camped us. BUT, they didnt destroy the center monument. YOU MUST DESTROY the center monument in order to hurt the opposing nation&#39;s monument.

    So if this happens to you, just use stealth (yea Rogues only :P , sry guys) and sneak behind the center monument and start attacking it.
    I got the health down to 1/2 by myself before some retarded noob ran over drawing the Aggro.

    So, to break it down. Stealth 2 rogues to take the center if ur being screwed, and then go for the smaller monument (which i think is harder to take down). Dont ask for any other class cause they&#39;ll just get noticed and your 007 mission is over.
    Tell your teamates to keep the enemy at bay as in NOT KILLING THEM but annoying the hell outta them. and then suddenly the win is yours.
    imagine the looks on the dude&#39;s face when they realize that they Lost when they&#39;re up 100 kills. :P

    To counter this, just patrol once in a while or if you get killed u&#39;l just notice them...[/b]

    this is nice,but how to explain to turks? <_<

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    this is nice,but how to explain to turks? <_<[/b]
    that&#39;s y i need a translator :lol:

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