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Bit odd that the day he signs in on the char see's all the gear he posts it for sale in the marketplace area? Noone else just him. Then BAM its all gone...... The whole things fuked up. One sells the char for usd and dont say anything to the other then the other one see's items he thinks his mates swapped and decides to sell em without letting the other person know.. WTF IS UP WIF THAT? Oh but they are ment to be best friends so.........
k this is the last time im commenting this ' selling his gear in market-section'
-i logged on the acc once during the week, saw the new stuffs, me n chaos were trying to get a priest for our stuffs and since he told me some1 offert 50 gbs for our lugias ( also had an avedon +7 => oncemore)
i thought he traded the items, so i listed them instead of the items we 'traded'