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Dont make a region specific server

This is a discussion on Dont make a region specific server within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; you dont have to IP bann all china either just actively bann the koxpers and IP bann them when u ...
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    you dont have to IP bann all china either

    just actively bann the koxpers and IP bann them when u do.


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    I think they mentioned tat it was america, UK and Australia.

    For all the retards that dont think the server will be full.

    They are not making all servers american only just one so there is more than enough american etc from the other 13 odd servers to fill ONE americanc server. plus when new ppl start wat server u think they gunna choose? Then when the first american server is full they bring out another one until the demand is met.

    They only ppl who would be complaining would be the non american uk and aussie, english speakers tat dont wanna be left with the turks etc.

    But that doesnt make it a bad idea. For K2 if this works and the server is full and ppl buy prems and there is less cheating it means the server i more profitable as more prems and less time spent ironing out bugs and cheaters. plus no need for turkish support needed.

    i think then "english" server would be there most profitable ever.

    Also zzre; transfering items form other servers that wouldnt wokr as some of the items ppl have are e because of dupes and then they bought for USD. where this should have a lot lower deupe and cheating rate. Most english that cheat got the program or idea from a turkish player.

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    problem is there is 2 many worlds, they Need like 4 or 5 worlds with 5 servers on each and another CZ and War for 60-70.

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    UK US and Aussie only server sucks imo...
    All other people will quit because they ARE left with the Turks.
    Just make a server accessable to everyone but Turkish and Chinese ip's....

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    juts a dream i think everyone here know the main clients that ko have are euro(turkish) people who purchase every thing that k2 puts in their power up so creating a server where just us players get in will be a lose for them also i think more skillers players are from outside just my opinion

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