i let it go on as long as i could, but guys seriously.. this is rediculous.

i'm not going to shed a personal bias on the situation, but i just will leave it at this as i close it:

1.) Bug abusing is obviously wrong, whether you feel like its "not that bad" or not.. it's still breaking the rules of the game; so if you want to exploit those bugs, good luck. If and when the day comes that you get caught, just dont come crying on here that you got falsely banned. One word sums it all up karma.

2.) You guys need to learn to handle yourselves more maturely in a debate. Tapion, that includes you h34r: Cussing / flaming / demeaning if your opponents does not make your points sink in anymore.. but for the majority (this is for all of you involved on the topic), all if you need to go take a chill and realize flaming solves NOTHING.

3.) Finally, you have submitted your evidence and i hope that the gms who browse through here periodically will take it into consideration. Those who have been accused obviously show no signs of regret towards their actions, so either you are correct in your accusations or they really aren't "harming much." Personally, i dont know or care -- i believe that buggers will be dealt with accordingly in the end.. and if they don't, then it's just more noobs for me to kill in cz.

Sorry for those of you who wanted to increase your e-penises some more, but this topic is done.