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Noob sin on ARES

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    you're Asian! can't you people make computers from tin foil?

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    Im not even playing my sin now. Im orc priest ftw so stfu bitch :lol:

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    Originally posted by DauMuie
    Im not even playing my sin now. Im orc priest ftw so stfu bitch *:lol:
    haha, is that why i saw you in arena with your sin... :rollseyes:

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    Default Re: Noob sin on ARES

    Originally posted by turtle
    Hi, as you all might know.. I am turtle8 (sin) on ares... for you ares ppl... theres this sin lvl 65+ named nega that was smack talking to me *<_< .... when i was orc i beat him 1v1, and he had dd and i did too.. and accused me of cheating b/c he spiked me for 500.. then he said i lied about my lvl at that time.. but i was lvl 63 and he was lvl 65 or so.... *then he sent lettters to me saying i was noob hacker and stuff.. and the ppl who know me on ares know i dont hack....

    Him and i then 1v1 in arena... doing what we do best.. me minor heal combo and him hp pottnig i guess.. .i killed him like nothing... then he said that iw as noob and my combo sucked.. which i said ok.. and then he challneged me to HP potting ONLY!!!... -_-".. and i dont pk, hp potting only so i suck at that... then i lost -_-"... but now im lvl 64 and he still wont fight me what we do best.. calling me noob and everything... and he sopposely has a good combo....
    Then he said that I'm noob sin that used 2 minors on my skill bar, or that i minor ctrl glitch which they fixed that bug already... He also said that 2 minor heals on skill bar is for noobs only.... so that means venom is noob??? I only have 2700 mana, i cant use 2 minors on my skill bar.. it'll drain my mana too fast and ive tried it....

    Hes from clan symbiosis... wtf is wrong with this sin.. hes a lvl 65+ sin that cant even minor heal combo and hes from clan symbiosis.. arn't they soppose to be good??? And why does nega only want to 1v1 with hp pots.... how pethetic is that...

    and he wont come to fourms to deffend himself.. I dont know why....

    so what is the best way to see whos better between us....

    1v1 Doing what we do best.... aka hp potting + minor heal combo
    1v1 with Hp pOtting ONLY.. which i do not do in regular pk... and he does it....

    and btw, he uses dd againts me... during our 1v1's.... i have none... dd is for noobs, escpecially those lvl 70+ sins with good gear and dd25 >_<..... *

    but iv beaten plenty of noob lvl 70 + sins that had dd * *

    so what do you guys say?? about the 1v1s....??[/u]
    dont mind him he's a loser and he flamed me in pm everytime he logged on and seen me on raggan calling me babashop/cheater/noob

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    Originally posted by Nick
    sup turtle ^_^ *

    dont grow a too large ego baba *:wub: *

    its still only a game *:lol:
    Its still a game, but now its a game he spent hundreds of dollars of gear on.

    GG babashoppin noobs

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