Well, for my part, I started doing dark mares at lvl 60. I had about the same gear than you back then except for the chitin which was all +7. But to do them and be worth while, learn how to combo if you don't know how, that will help you out alot. And you can do them using only one 1920 healer. If you want, you could change one of your items on you and put a hp gear instead of it to give you more hp to do them.

Also, I farmed golems alot (not without buffs, always scrolled for them). The only thing they drop good is chitins, large breakers and Iron bows as are rare drop (they have also dropped me a glaive once, I was like :blink: )

But, of course, partyin with people is the way to go. Try to check around the paramuns, brahmans, dark knights, harpies, trolls, golems.

Also, before trying to invest for some unique acceosries, I would say try to get at least all +9 or +10 accesories, it will cost you less and will give you more damage.

And of course, do boss runs and take a healer with you. Maybe you will get lucky and get something good.