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Question to you priests out there

This is a discussion on Question to you priests out there within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I just town and bug buff em with the lowest ac and hp...
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    I just town and bug buff em with the lowest ac and hp

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    You can farbuff ac now? Nice, xD.

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    Originally posted by OohYouTouchedMyTraLa
    it all depends in the party...

    if it's full of ppl spamming ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    and spamming my pm's with ++++++++++ plz aga

    I just sit down and go get a drink, when I'm back THEN I buff them...
    damn u buff them still..when i get ppl spam i dont heal or buff them, and when i c them not attack i get them kicked from party =)
    but if im in pk party and the all spam and pm me..far 60hp buf ftw!

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    Um...i usually buff them, then i sit and leach and dont heal...or if we are doing something good, i will ninja a good loot and leave, stupid turks +++++++++lol, im sorry Buff please, or +++plz works just fine, and i hate when people say i buff to slow, my little priest arms only can move so fast.

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    My job is a healer, I do my job to the best of my ability. If everyone had that same mentality...

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    i don't read others replys, but i can say that my priest is 63 lvl now, and i always have same politic: Healing is my job in party.

    I always heal, even when party have some low hp member, I almost always "restore" him, to help him stay alive.

    When somebody is annoying, I block PM, and say others to speak in party window.

    one more thing...I feel personal defeat when somebody dies in my party (even noob). Only situation when I don't feel bad, is when that dude lost buff and don't ask for new1. I mean...I can't play for him, right?

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    i always let them die, then they get mad and do crazy things :wub:

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    It is the priest job to heal.

    If someone is spamming then tell them dont spam.

    Ps. i allways write buff i will not use ++++++++ and if i dont get buff i site down next to the priest and wait =)

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    I heal all, even the annoying ones. I have made some sins wait for buffs because I asked them for swift and they never swifted and I won't rebuff them until I get a swift. But, yeah, I usually will run over to heal the lone person who is away from the group, then remind them to stay together. For pk... I try to stay with the group and heal where I can.
    The most annoying to heal are the BP's with no LR doing apos, with their str gear on. Archers using only dext accessories and gear doing golems and trolls are also quite fun. Usuallly though we get them mixed in with warriors using hp and mp absorb weapons so you don't need to spam heal 600-720 all of them, just the archers and BPs.

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    go to town and far buff them 60 hp bufff/far 120 ac (or smalliest amount possible
    they'll spam ++++++++ and aqqqqqq's lie crazy but hell if it gets you kick fuk it , its not a tough job to find exp

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    I've intentionally not healed people acting noobish...

    half of party waiting for buffs, someone lures over and then panics that only they are attacking...

    people attacking a mob they just watched me sleep while there is another mob already being attacked...

    Only way to help them learn what they're doing is stupid.

    Healer in an xp party is hard work, you're the only person who can't take a break

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    Chuck is right...Sins complain bout combo being tough, but you only concentrate on MONSTERS,not people...monsters don't bitch if you miss a hit :S
    Priests are totally underestimated, and as someone here said - the party is as good as it's priests are.

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    Job: Buffer/full healer

    Im trying to avoid the most possible random parties because it always ends with me pissed off and leaving
    For clan/allies ones , there s usually no problem , they know me and i know em and everything goes fine

    Im always trying to do my job the best i can We arent machine afterall and like someone said in another post , int priests are the only ones who cant afk in a party .So be nice with ur favorite buffers/healers and dont forget u always can use hp potions ( 7k for one worths mil xp lost to heal u in case ur priest got distracted

    beside that i would add that i HATE bad priests and unfortunatly ,there are legions <_< and they give a very bad image of all the others good ones

    Just take it easy guys , it s just a game :wub: :wub:

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    Adding my +1 to Mason and Chuck. Being the healer isn't difficult usually, but if you screw up, people die, and so you cannot turn your attention away at all. Sometimes it's even tough to just say "STOP" in party chat when potions are running low or you've been waiting thirty minutes to use the bathroom.

    As for intentionally withholding heals and buffs, I generally never do this. If I'm the buffer/healer I try to do my job, even for noobs and people who are annoying.

    Having said that, I did do this one time to a warrior. I was soloing DTS in Eslant one day for about two hours. Most people who came along observed the spot was taken and went their own way after a quick chat, or tried to KS for a few minutes and realized I was killing faster. This warrior came along, however, who was obviously several levels higher than me and started KS'ing the spot. I politely asked him if he could find another spot as I had been there for two hours. All I got back was something like "y fack ur muthur". If he'd been polite I probably would have partied him and suggested we do something else, like trolls or golems, but this arrogant and childish response pissed me off.

    A few days later I found myself in an apos party as buffer/healer, and this guy was there. I buffed the party with 1500, except for him, who I buffed with 60! He didn't notice and jumped into the battle. He wasn't a defensive warrior and we had no LR mage, and he died pretty fast, still not noticing he only had 60 hp buff. After another half hour of lying their dead---I can't tell you how good it felt to see his body lying there while we exp'd---he gave up trying to find a rezzer and pressed OK. When he came back, I gave him 60 hp buff again, and he died AGAIN! LOL! Not only was he a jerk, he was STUUUPIIID. He screamed a bunch of Turkish in party chat for a while, and some of the party responded, but I have no idea what was being said. He found a rezz pretty fast this time. As soon as he was rezzed, he left the party. I have no idea if he ever figured it out or not.

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    hehehe... nice topic...

    in pk party when ppl start shouting for heals (far heals... lol) i just let them die...
    but, i'm BP atm, and i really dont stop to heal and cure... only for friends...
    this is why i usually pk solo...

    in xp party, the worst thing is +++++++... +++++++++++++++++... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++........ . BFFS PLS

    just go town and give a far buff 240 hp for example...
    this works a lot...

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