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Unfairness to electing the king

This is a discussion on Unfairness to electing the king within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; I think its very unfair that a turk is 99.999999% always elected to the king position. Now dont get me ...
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    I think its very unfair that a turk is 99.999999% always elected to the king position. Now dont get me wrong, I'm not saying that some arent worthy, but what I am saying is that an english person has very little chance. K2 needs to add a fairness rule to make this game fun for everyone.

    Since its obvious that english players are not represented (in a USko game) I suggest that K2 step in and say for example, allow a turk to be elected, then english, then turk and so on. Just a suggestion. Another suggestion should be that the same king cant hold the position more than twice a year. I dont know about you, but I&#39;m tired of seeing the same people. <_<[/b]

    go c-west if u dont like turks or else.. enjoy Turk Kings baba

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    all the ppl that got bannded were chars lvl 1,those are new that made by many manye cafes that Mrt ownes,and those most of the chars that got bandded were by user in Buddas clan,and ive talked to my turkish freinds they have also connection and they knows whats going on in turkey,its not that hard to find out realy.[/b]
    Im in a turkish clan, so if it was happening, i would have heard. However wasnt it changed so that lvl 50 and above could only vote? if im wrong fair enough. I think its getting a bit far fetched to think he would make the people in his cafe only play to lvl to 50 and vote for him. Especially when they could go to another cafe. The person in buddahs clan your talking about, ive heard about that. So he or all the lvl 1 chars/accounts got banned with any others. That could explain maybe the elections before they started getting banned. not the past umm how long? Forgive me if it sounds like im argueing. Im not trying to. I just think that we shouldnt put all the blame on him/ the majority when we split all our votes.

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    i think there needs to be a king and a queen rofl :P[/b]

    Hell yeah, i like the way your thinking.

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    Voting for king will always be an issue, as it always has.
    Why can&#39;t they make the Kingship earned, by an event or some sort or maybe the top np earner from the previous month.
    Unless something like that happens (which I&#39;m sure it won&#39;t), and unless all English speaking ppl unite and ONLY VOTE THE SAME PERSON, then it&#39;s just gonna keep on happening.

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