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This is a discussion on why?! within the General Chat forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; k is a fp game that want us and try to make us pay for every single shit, which is ...
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    k is a fp game that want us and try to make us pay for every single shit, which is gay. let's make i simple the f2p is just for the publicity

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    Originally posted by jimfujitsu
    From all the retarded comments i read so far it seems to me like most think that free to play means beeing able to connect even if the servers are full.
    No, they all except freeloaders have the same right, get the same treatment as prem users, which is not how it works. 9$ might be too much for the bugfixing/CS they provide, but I stopped caring about these things long time ago, we all know how K2 handle these things. All I want is just playing sometimes with my friends, 9$ is like 0,36% of my monthly pay, so I dont have a problem with that, I can only buy a daily lunch with 9$.

    And about the P2P/F2P, K2 is technically F2P, u can connect at turk sleep time, u can play if u connected ur char on turk sleep time, and dont leave game. IMO freeloaders dont have right to complain about these things.

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    really :/
    u cannot log in... fuck off (like i am)
    log in when u can( like i am)

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    Originally posted by sophiem+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(sophiem)</div>
    cuz its not...go learn what a p2p game is then come back
    p2p =pay to pay show me here 1 guy who can conncet without a premium when ever he wants to because that's what I am calling F2P..

    u are such a dick u know that?if u dont , sad for you..[/b]
    I can connnect at any time I want without premium and yes, even before wars or early in the morning when the servers are full of turks.

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