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Fan problem.

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    Default Fan problem.

    Ok since yesterday or so everytime I start up my pc it turns of. Yesterday i got it working after like 5 tries but today it just kept going on and off so I decided to clean all my fans. After that it stil ldidn work and my second system fan, wich is on the side, didn rotate at all. So i tried to see what was the problem so i started my pc without the side metal thingy where the second fan is located and it started all fine. So i put second fan in and it turned off automatically.

    So without the side fan it works normally but with it doesnt start?

    Also while playing ko my cpu and gpu are 100 degrees celcius. Thats waaay to high right. I heard cpu could only be 80. When its idle booth are around 60

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    Yeah 100 is high... modern GPUs will be able to cope with this for a short time, but if it's that high all the time when running games you're gonna have issues. Sounds like you might have upgraded internal components without updating the case / cooling system.

    You might be better running with the metal side off... would help with the cooling a bit.

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    i've only seen some of the higher end cpu cope with 100 and not for long ...

    the fact they go from 60 idle to 100 under load means your cooling elements suck. did you check if there was still enough thermal paste between the cpu and the cooling element when you cleaned it ?

    normal difference in temperature is about 10 when you're playing games (at least it is over here)


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