if u still think Alienwarrior is girl lol i can give u his mobile phone and u call him
and here its :
just try call his name is Adham [not sonia] lol
Mobile : 002 0121739846
Home phone : 002 24094409
002 = Egypt phone code
i try call him to fuk with him and try take back topcat item from him
but he know my phone number and never answer me !
and i dono his home place , i only find his phone after he make his scam
u can give try call and u goen see ur sexy girl voice lol
i don give shit any more about him , i was angre coz topcat lost his item only .

Trueloves :
And for Lepi
I knew him from Myko,he was with Shad from start.He hacked Epoints and got ban and he didn't play for 1 year.[/b]
yea i did this but befor i know Shad , this happen when i was human PayToPlay Days..
and i was get this E-point for evryone in my clan .
u can ask anyone from my old human clan
and coz someone in clan was want so much e-point and i didnt agree he report to GM_101 and i get ban
and after this like 2-3 month i make deal with GM_101 [matt] about i'll stop this all and he give my acc agien
this acc was name [FaceoF] and i think this char ppl was see it mean its not banned for 1 year

"he was with Shad from start"
and after this Shad take my FaceoF acc and he say he goen sell it and give me money or item he sold it for
but he scammed me and i think alot of ppl know this .
then i get "Lepi" acc and i say nvm and stay with friends inside Shad clan .

anyway yea i cheat befor but was for clan ppl when was PAYTOPLAY days .

and plz befor u say info about old days try to know it well

have anice day all , i still replay only to clean up my name .