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Both belongs to same guy. DO NOT trade anything with this fuck.
He sent me money via paypal but as eCheck.. I trusted him and gave him my account\\\'s password.. after a couple of days he cancelled the payment..

me : hey, what is wrong? why did you cancel the payment? please reply me as soon as can be.

canbeseed : I Cancelled the payment because I have not bought anything from you. Please stop billing me for things that I have not bought.

me : what are you talking about? you got the items

canbeseed : Tell me what I received, and I will be glad to pay

me : are you kidding me? you and me had this conversation via msn on Feb 17, 2007. but for information items right below here.

lvl 56 80% mini warrior on ares
shitty items / you can lvl him up quickly with quests ( no quests done )

lvl 61 sin (mastered) 86% on manes quests done till now
180mil coins
fang of bakirra
dual md +7
chitin set +7 except pauldron

lvl 58 sin on logos
17gbs coins
a trina
buff,ac,ap,dex scrolls
+7/12 chitin set ( only gauntlet +8/15) +7/15 rouge DD
+7/12 fp set
dual md +7
canbeseed : Are you kidding me? You are a fraud, and a liar too. If I knew where you were I would turn you in. The items you listed are not even real. I\\\'d like to cut off your balls and make you eat them. Get a job and quit robbing hard-working people. Eat shit and rot!

me : yea nice, you stupid fuck. enjoy with the items that you scammed. retarted mofo pump your 250 bucks into your freaking ass.. i live for honour. i never cheated anyone on this game you crazy asshole. may be you stole my items, but you have to watch your word, boy.

ALL IN ALL, dont let him cheat you