dude u pmed me saying this:

i wanna buy some of ur items can u tell me ur msn?

i gave u my msn, and u added me with this msn: [email protected]

that s u right?then u wanted to buy me many items, and u just said ur from ronark...i m from ares...

if u want i can give u msn logs...if u want i can send u SS of u pming me...anything else?so who am I????i m the guy who didnt get scamed by u

anyway since my ko4life acc got hacked and now i m gona get ban for it...proly same hapened to u, still u did try to scam me, atleast some1 with ur ko4life acc info did[/b]

... plss man , dont play innnocent ..

you are 10000000%%%% SCAMMERRRRR

read this http://www.ko4life.com/forums/index....owtopic=251746

check my signature badcompany post of your SCAMMs with ZEIDA, BAMBOOOCHAA KeLsO and others..

bb scammer and go Fck your self . :angry:

BTW... CAREBEARS Clan has scammers players...