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Sillence or OneMillionDollarBaby Hacked WishB4Udie

This is a discussion on Sillence or OneMillionDollarBaby Hacked WishB4Udie within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Hi all....Im the real owner of Wishi.I stoped to play KO for Months.So...i decided today to log in with my ...
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    Default Sillence or OneMillionDollarBaby Hacked WishB4Udie

    Hi all....Im the real owner of Wishi.I stoped to play KO for Months.So...i decided today to log in with my character for some fun..Sudenlly i saw my character to be NAKED..Absoloutelly NAKED/EMPTY :wacko: I cant find the reason of this situation because i havent done anything Bad in this Online Game..Only i played for FUN..But this kid hack me for FUN....only for laught...I cant find the funny of this story :blink: Anyway...i dont know what i will do...Maybe i will [email protected] him...maybe not..dunno....the only standar thing is that I CAN FIND HIM cause we are played together Wishi and played in same Net Cafe....the funny thing is that he knew my pass when we played together and i didnt change cause i trusted him{i trust a 14 years old Kid LOL..finally im a Morron damm shit}So..i will try to get back my items..only that i can say.but i dont know the way that i will do it..... :angry:
    I wanna thank you all..Keep playing Fair and For Fun..Its Only A Game dudes...nothing more....
    Thank you and Bye Bye

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    Wishi gogogo break his knees and the cut his head and put it on the highest place in loutraki :wub: :wub: :wub:

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    wishi i miss u

    back to game
    and back to orc side pls

    fck hackers


    justice pls aq

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    hi wish :mellow: i am really sorry for this -_- i hope u will receive ur items again and sillence be careful iw ill break your knees too :angry:

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    Fukiiii :wub:
    I miss tha game bro
    i wanna come back but some [email protected] guys are jealus cose some1 is better of them and the only good way to hurt them is to SCAMM Them :wub:
    yooo FTW scammers go ahead and dont care about our money or our time that we give here to make something good....Kiss to Fuki and to my all Company.. :wub:

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    Hello Legolas...same me im really sorry for this coze i havent did anuthing bad in this game or to users of KO dude i cant find the reaon tha happend to me :wacko: i dont know...i hope to do something and took back my items..i hope..only that i can do dude..keep playing fair...cya


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