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tazthespaz scammer

This is a discussion on tazthespaz scammer within the Trading disputes & reports forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; his msn is [email protected] he scammed me in a try of exchange my c-w char and items for his girakon ...
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    Lightbulb tazthespaz scammer

    his msn is [email protected]
    he scammed me in a try of exchange my c-w char and items for his girakon char and items which named zamin and zaminreborn
    he took the id and pass and secret and gave me his id and pass and secret
    then he in 1 second changed the pass of his char while i was making a new mail
    then he changed the pass of mine char too
    all that in less than 1 min
    then he said am scammer
    and removed the items from his char in girakon (Zamin)
    and said i scammed him
    then he told me he can login the char
    then i didnot change the region
    then iam not the scammer of his items
    after that he said he hasnot my char
    after he said he logged in and checked the items
    and he was taking for me another rogue lvl 69 with 45k nps as a proof that i will not scamm him
    then i posted in many places and in all his topics that he is scammer
    then he said he is not the scammer of my char
    but i have proofs
    the chatting history with him says that he is the scammer of my char
    and after that he said hewill give me my lvl 69 rogue to stop saying he is scammer
    and i told him give me my char and then i think
    he gave me my char
    then isaw my char having enion bow +8
    and he is making a topic selling enion bow on c-w
    then i stopped planning to stop saying he is scammer
    and continued to say he is a scammer
    yesterday i saw a topic on the rogue guids
    he is metioning all my items and lvl of my character
    and asking is these gear good for an archer or not
    btw the char's lvl is 67
    items were enion bow+7 shell set +7 4x helmet fp +8
    dual old eme dual old elf rings bronze belt and agility belt
    and ore items to sell
    and 5gb cash on the account
    that are my items
    was abot to change them for zamin char and items are fr+2 fr +1 glass belt ep+2 schorching staff+8 linen set+8 paper +5 dd paper and lvl 68 mage named zamin in clan sacredsoulz
    i took screen shots of all the chat history
    and took screen shots with the topics he was asking about the items and lvl of char and enion bow and my char at kingofknight with the items
    will upload them and post them in 2 mins
    btw he talked to gm aleenia at twitter (as he is saying) and told her to recver the region of my char to my country and he told me the pass of the account
    and told me aleenia recovered for me the account and i recover it to you
    to stop saying iam a scammer
    but i didnot stop saying he is scammer
    cuz the chr was not having 1 coin and no items
    so i decided to get him banned from ko4life
    and everywhere i will post he is scammer
    and am trying to call aleenia now to say that her friend tricked her
    and he is a scammer
    and taking his gm name as he is trusted
    now the link with all the screen shots is ready
    proofs that he is scammer on screen shots
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    Ok first of all, lets get this straight.

    1. Right after we "Traded" the password to my mage was changed which I may add had 115gbs worth of items and his acc had about nothing. So he fuckin hacked 115gbs from me AND THATS JUST THE START.

    2. We agreed that he would give a lvl 69 rouge FOR RLB that I later found out after I logged in to see that it was not really lvl 69, but lvl 72 delevld to 69 therefore unable to be used in RLB (Yet another scammer move)

    3. He asks MMMEEEEEee for the acc and pass for his stupid ass rogue and my mage which at the time I had neither because he took them both!!!!

    4. I later recovered the password for his rogue and then played it for a little because I had nothing else I could do while he was playing on my 115gbs acc mage.

    5. He then calls MEEEE a scammer for "Stealing" his items which were all old accesories therefore I could not steal anything and all this "Prooof" shit he has is just bullshit because anyone who knows me knows that I was in one of the top clans in girakon, never scammed a soul (before this, never been accused of even stealing 1 gb) I have shared MANNNNY accounts with over 1000$ on them ALL UNSEALED AND NEVER STOLLEN A PENNY and so stealing an acc with like 50m on it really doens't make sense. So really, you can stfu and get out of these forums because spamming to get 50 posts by saying i'm a scammer just wont help..GTFO Noob



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    populery is the real scammer

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    Sounds like a lame try.

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    Thank you guys....At least someone can see past this 12 year old kid.

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    srry i have to side with populery,

    "It was gifted to me from a friend, i have all the info, actually only logged it for a minute. I believe its human and not a marginal amount of Nps PM if your interested"

    "I'm aware of that topic, and guess, what, the funny thing is, he scammed me! PM me for more details, but I got scammed which is why i'm selling a NACKED account!"

    "This guy scammed me, not the other way around, I am willing to give the acc b4 the gbs if vouches are included, i'm not here to scam, just to leave this stupid ass game :S "

    first u say a friend gave u the account, then someone makes a post that u r a scammer
    u end up calling him(populery) a scammer

    if he had scammed you, im sure you would mentioned that in cheating section or somewhere else in the forums, but u didn't.
    from that, you can pretty much assume that pop never scammed you, your just making some false stories to cover up ur scamming

    the fact that u never reported populery for scamming, its safe to say that he never scammed u. Since u callled him a scammer in ur own topic, pretty much shows that your hiding something

    i know this is not enough proof in my part, but i doubt evrything u said is true tazthespaz
    btw i dont know who populery is and saying that im his friend will probably be the dumbesst excuse ever. I just took the time to look into this since it was suspicious
    btw pop got some decent backign with his screenshots

    dunno why ppl above are calling populery a scammer, bet none of you guys even looked into this matter. just make some basic assumptions with no backing what so ever.

    zniper555 ,tazthespez: u guys call him ascammer, but got no proof

    i might reconsider this if you guys got enough evidence to back yourself up

    dont know what you guys a trying to pull. Unless u guys got some proof, i have to side with populery

    excuse my redundancy

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    hey that's fair enough. i do not have any proof he tried to scam me. if u want to trade with him, go ahead. if everything works out great, awesome! i'm just posting my opinion. take it or leave it.

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    Actually, I do believe Milliondollarbabe is in fact in the scammers hall, Or at least was... hmmm.

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    Dont know any of the guys in here except zniper ( got unbanned? :lol: ).
    The fact that taz supposedly lost 115gb without posting a topic nor starting drama on ko4life pretty much shows what really happened imo.

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    i been following this from the backseat for some time. One thing I dont see much of is Taz defending himself unless its directly towards a thread like this. I also havent read a thread from Taz about being scammed. Seems to me if its gone on this far..... one would post about it to let others know.

    Im my dealing with him personally in an agreement to share that mage on Girakon... he had no gear sealed. I was gonna start sharing - only if THEY sealed the gear. Ofc, I would have to provide the premmy to start it so they could seal it. Longstory short.... is 1) who agrees to trade characters with 115 gbs worth of gear unsealed? 2) Taz has another sharer that hasnt even been mentioned in any of these posts that I can remember. His cousin, his msn is kattattack or something. I will look it up and post it if it is needed.

    Right now.... if from keeping up with all the posts, i think Taz is guilty. He just hasnt posted much of anything claiming to be scammed by the other guy. Where as this guy here keeps accussing Taz of it. so.... I know if you accuse me or scam posting a fucking novel of proof and stuff to either get my stuff back or to prove IM NOT A SCAMMER.

    just my honest opinion.

    I say ban both of them from KO4life.... fixes the problem very easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draven View Post
    I say ban both of them from KO4life.... fixes the problem very easy.
    sadly I have to +1 and agree to that to much bullshit like this happens and the wrong person gets banned IE that one forum sig guy awhile back that everyone said was legit that turned out he was scamming quite a few people.

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    Dude, first of all, I have never posted a topic about 'scammers" cause it doesn't fix shit, i'm innocent, Draven hates me for no reason so fuck you man, you ignore me for no reason on MSN after agreeing to share and then act like a 2 year old when I confronted you about it, and if I get banned, I could care less, its an internet forum, its not the end of my life, all I know is that i can sleep at night knowing that I did nothin. So I really don't care at this point.

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    populery scammed tons of people in snoxd so im not suprised his scamming people in ko4life.

    but ofc since he was scamming on a HACKING forum he must be legit when he "buys" in ko4life.

    edit: all the shit u listed u SCAMMED of the guys in snoxd. so i dont see why ur compaining even IF this guy scammed u, populery.

    karma is a bitch aint it?

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    About time Tazthebitch gets rocked for real.

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    Excuse me but do I even know you? Not to mention, FUCK OFF? I did nothing? And if a Mod wants to ban me, go for it, but I know I did nothing so peace out fuckers!

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