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SuperSin & Friends - FairyFailNption - Mage Slaugther Vol2 [Europa 2015] - TeamSpeak3

This is a discussion on SuperSin & Friends - FairyFailNption - Mage Slaugther Vol2 [Europa 2015] - TeamSpeak3 within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; good team work, finally a good audio, ur tracklist are bad :P...
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    good team work, finally a good audio, ur tracklist are bad :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by regiss View Post
    once per month :P
    Im going to be playing _Rippin_ and Bryan occasionally again..

    Made a good 3k LP on Rippin this morning. So ill see you soon buddy
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuckthisgame View Post
    Enjoyed it, thanks!. I like hearing the differences and comparison of my debuffer to others,
    To see if there can be any we can do differently thanks!
    I appreciate your appreciation! One of the best ways to learn this game is to watch & learn sometimes .

    Quote Originally Posted by SkyHunter View Post

    damn, you go ham in PK, savage. ts3 version is pretty good, was expecting way more yelling though.
    Haha sometimes you gotta pressure your team to keep them on their toes, especially when you're doing 2 priest + 2 mage + 1 melee sin vs. 12 mages + 4 priests!
    I don't like yelling, it gives off a bad vibe, 99% of the time I'm playing all I do is crack jokes and say stupid shit. I play this game to have fun with friends I make around the (knight online) world .

    Quote Originally Posted by Sm0keS View Post
    gg Super!

    I miss Pking with you all!

    Does bryan play alot?
    Bryan is back in action for his "final" pk movie (spoiler) which is really close to completion. He says he's gonna quit after the movie but I know he loves the team too much to leave.

    Quote Originally Posted by last View Post
    good team work, finally a good audio, ur tracklist are bad :P
    Thanks! I'm always open to suggestions, link me a few things, if the music is right I'll use it. Currently have all the grade A content for my next movie, just need a good beat..


    Since the @TS3 version was so widely enjoyed, I'll be doing more. It takes a bit of time to edit the video, and after the video edits the audio needs to be adjusted, and I'll go the extra length to keep the music playing and alter the volume between voice and music.

    More Europa content on its way! Comment any suggestions you got, music, editing technique, or whatever.

    love ya ko4life fam <3

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