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trailer before i leave

This is a discussion on trailer before i leave within the Media forums, part of the Knight Online ( category; Originally posted by chusco i remember *being killed by strokes like 3 times in a row i was 60 and ...
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    Originally posted by chusco
    i remember *being killed by strokes like 3 times in a row i was 60 and he was around 65, and i was going back over and over again, till i could kill him(something that happened few months later *:lol
    lol, I had the exactly same episode vs pOoOoL, however I got him after 2~3 tries :P and it felt great :P

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    like i said before...i did the same thing with mee. Never got him

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    this video gets me down a bit.

    nice vid, you combo good just sucks to see all those gay people who you fight with.
    havent even seen 1 who wanted to fight you for the fun itself.

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    Originally posted by Devile+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Devile)</div>
    Its called smart pk. If u cant win why to hang on it just tease tease tease lol.

    ''I have 250np coz I am so honorable'' no ty.

    pk is about not to die and kill.

    1vs1 is for arena.
    Teasing is one thing, making someone waste like 10 minutes just casting illusion and running away every time u redball is lame. Why pick that target in the first place if u know u can't kill it? Just to annoy him? Reputation is far more important than NPs. ppl respect skilled and decent players. High NPs can be gained by NP transfer, nova + town bug abussing, crystal leeching, etc. Lost their meaning a long time ago.

    I dont see anything smart on wasting 10 minutes of scrolls or time in general, gaining NOTHING. For someone with that many NPs u expect a minimum of skill, not just someone who can spike + thrust and then run away.

    Smart or pathetic? I think its the second.[/b]
    I agree some parts of you'se sayin'

    I still think no use of 250np.

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